Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association

Healing to Wellness Court Enhancement Training

Sept. 26-28, 2022

 The 2022 Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Enhancement Training (Enhancement Training) is a tribal-specific national training for tribal problem-solving courts that features Wellness Court best practices and innovative strategies in the field of Healing to Wellness Courts.


TLPI is pleased to offer three plenary sessions and forty workshops organized into the following four tracks:

​Adult Healing to Wellness Court

Juvenile/Family Treatment Court

Healing to Wellness Team Member Roles

Veterans Treatment

​This training will be oriented around the Tribal Ten Key Components and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) National Drug Court Standards. The Enhancement Training is a unique opportunity to receive information on current drug court best practices, to learn innovative approaches to substance abuse and treatment, and to engage with other Healing to Wellness Courts from across the country.

The Enhancement Training focuses upon tribal issues, including jurisdictional and legal issues unique to Indian country; the incorporation of custom and tradition into the phases, case management, treatment curriculums, and tangential services; and the peer-to-peer sharing of successful Healing to Wellness Courts models in operation. Training topics will cover the adult criminal, juvenile delinquency, family dependency, DWI/DUI, and veterans models.

The Enhancement Training is free to all participants.


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Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association
Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association
Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association