Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association

National Association for Court Management Round Table Discussion

January 26, 2023


Thursday, January 26, 2023
10:00am PST, 12 noon Central Time

Join NACM for a Round Table Discussion about how to invite our tribal courts to participate in NACM and what we can do to best serve and support your courts. NACM has a number members from trial courts and we are looking to see how we can be of more value to your courts. This meeting will be for anyone who works in the court system and is a member of a tribe or works in a tribal court.
The National Association of Court Management (NACM) is a member organization dedicated to educating court professionals, providing a community, sharing information, and advocating on important court and justice system topics. We serve all jurisdictions from small municipal courts, tribal courts, to larger general jurisdiction courts.

Zoom Link: clark-wa-gov.zoom.us/j/86900059641

For more information about the National Assocation for Court Management, click on this link: nacmnet.org/




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Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association
Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association
Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association