Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association

2024 Indian Law Conference Federal Bar

April 4-5, 2024

 Advancing Tribal Sovereignty through Everyday Practice and Representation

Join the Indian Law Section for the 49th Annual Indian Law Conference at the Sandia Resort in Albuquerque, NM, April 4-5, 2024.

Co-Hosted by the Indian Law Section

Join the FBA Indian Law Section and more than 700 of your colleagues for collaborative education and conversation this April!

In the past year, Tribes have seen the direct impact of issues coming before the courts. Educational sessions at our Annual Indian Law Conference aim to help practitioners understand recent litigation developments and turn the conversation forward for Indian Country. It is essential that Indigenous law practitioners are at the ready to protect critical rights and advance tribal sovereignty.

The conference will also address how practitioners can help Tribes and Indigenous individuals protect their rights, lands, communities, and culture while maintaining collaborative efforts with state and U.S. Federal governments. Panelists will include practitioners who have been involved in recent pivotal cases before the Supreme Court, those who have forged the path for Indigenous presence in the Federal judicial, legislative, and executive branches, and those working directly to represent Tribes on critical issues faced by Tribal governments on a daily basis.

To register, click here: members.fedbar.org/eWeb/DynamicPage.aspx

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Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association
Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association
Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association